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Melanie Newman

Melanie Newman

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Melanie Newman
Melanie Newman shampoos and conditioners for dogs are formulated to clean and nourish your dog’s skin and coat. The range includes a number of lines, each focused on different coat types. There's also a product dedicated to keeping delicate puppy skin and coats in top condition. All of the products are SLS, paraben, petro-chemical, palm oil and synthetic perfume free, and 100% vegan. Plant-derived ingredients are used to tailor different products to offer you the best option for your dog or puppy. There are herbal products that can calm your pet, provide bacterial protection to their skin, moisturise their coat and skin, and neutralise odours. Company founder, Melanie Newman, began her career as a dog groomer, and has gone on to found a Melbourne dog salon and create this line of naturally-based grooming products.