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Cuddly & Plush Dog Toys

Cuddly & Plush Dog Toys

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Cuddly & Plush Dog Toys

Soft and cuddly plush dog toys can be great for comforting your pet. Familiarity and a positive connotation often mean an instant sense of safety and calm is felt by your furry friend. Plush dog toys can also provide heaps of fun at playtime! PETstock has many favourites to choose from. There are cuddly bears, cute pups, flamingos, and octopuses, several of which are designed in Australia using eco-friendly materials. Some are even stylishly reversible to fit in with your home decor. Then there are those that squeak and those designed with a specific texture or shape, ideal for stimulating natural shaking instincts. A favourite plush dog toy can provide hours of fun and entertainment, keeping your beloved pooch entertained, especially when having to spend time alone! PETstock brands include LEXI & ME, Bark-a-Boo, Masterpet Cuddles, KONG, Buddy & Belle, Beco. and FuzzYard.


Frequently Asked Questions

How do you choose the best plush toy for your dog?

Firstly, ensure the toy's size is appropriate for your dog to avoid potential hazards. For dogs that are avid chewers, choosing a durable, tough toy is essential. Safety should always be a top priority, so opt for toys without small, detachable components that could pose a choking risk.

Some dogs love to pull out stuffing, so you might need to decide between a toy that's stuffed and one that's stuffing-free. If your dog delights in the squeak of a toy, ensure any squeakers are securely embedded.

For ease of maintenance, it's advisable to pick toys that are machine-washable. Think about your dog's preferred play style, whether it's active play or gentle cuddling, and choose toys that align with those tendencies.

Reading reviews from other dog owners can be beneficial to gauge a toy's quality and appeal. Lastly, always supervise your dog when introducing a new toy and conduct regular checks for wear and tear.

How do you wash a plush dog toy?

Washing plush dog toys can help keep them clean, free from harmful bacteria, and extend their lifespan. Here is some additional information on how to keep your dogs plush toys clean:

Machine Washing:

Before starting, remove any loose pieces from the toy that might come off during washing. For added protection, consider placing the plush toy inside a mesh laundry bag. This prevents it from getting overly agitated or snagged during the wash cycle. Set your washing machine to a gentle cycle using cold or warm water. Opt for a pet-safe or hypoallergenic detergent to avoid residue that might irritate your dog's skin. Once washed, it's essential to rinse thoroughly to ensure all detergent is removed.


The best method to dry plush toys is to let them air dry. Lay them out on a clean towel in a well-ventilated area. If you're in a hurry or need to machine dry, use a low heat setting. Placing the toy inside a pillowcase or mesh bag while in the dryer can protect it. Periodically check the toy during the drying process to ensure it doesn't become too hot or misshapen.

Hand Washing:

If you prefer hand washing, fill a sink or basin with cold or lukewarm water and add a small amount of pet-safe or hypoallergenic detergent. Submerge the toy, gently scrubbing it with your hands, focusing on any stained or heavily soiled areas. Once washed, drain the soapy water and refill with clean water to rinse. Make sure to rinse the toy multiple times until all the detergent is out. After rinsing, gently squeeze the toy to remove excess water, avoiding harsh wringing.