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A sensitive tummy or allergy can be distressing for your pet – and for you! But Prime100 has you covered. The 100% Australian-owned business began in 2014. Prime100 creates innovative, functional diets to support pets with food sensitivities or conditions such as diabetes, digestive problems and skin issues. Veterinary experts, scientists and researchers work hard to ensure Prime100 wet cat food and Prime100 wet dog food and dry dog food formulas provide top nutrition for your pet. The specialty is Single Protein Diets (SPD™) with limited ingredients to reduce potential allergens. Added goodies include vitamins, minerals or prebiotics, but no artificial flavours, colours or preservatives. SPD rolls and treats have a single human-grade protein source such as kangaroo, turkey, crocodile, salmon or a non-meat alternative. SPDRAW complete diets contain a single protein, fruit, vegetables and natural supplements. SPD ZEROG dry dog food includes premium salmon, kangaroo or chicken, lentils, herbs, vegetables and supplements.