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Rainsheets & Waterproof Horse Rugs

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Rainsheets & Waterproof Horse Rugs

Horse waterproof rugs can be a useful accessory to add to your equine kit, especially if you live in a particularly wet area, and your horse spends the bulk of its down-time paddocked. Using horse waterproof rugs when they are turned out ensures less time is required to get them ready for a ride, and for grooming in general. It’s important to ensure a good fit, so the rug doesn’t pull anywhere, is comfortable for your horse to wear and breathes well. A good waterproof rug can also help in a changeable climate. Even in summer, a sudden change with showers can mean your horse runs the risk of becoming chilled, so a waterproof rug can offer protection without the weight of a heavy winter rug. Our range of waterproof turnout rugs for paddocked horses includes lined and unlined rugs, combo rugs, detachable neck combos and rugs in a variety of colours.