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SavourLife is a family-owned Australian company driven by a deep love for dogs and a commitment to making a positive impact. Catering to all aspects of a dog's diet, SavourLife offers a diverse range of dog food, including grain-free options suitable for all life stages. Additionally, their delicious treat range is perfect for training and rewarding dogs.

Where is SavourLife Dog Food made and where are the ingredients from?

SavourLife proudly display the Australian Made and Owned symbol on all of their products. All their products are made right here in Australia, from ingredients including real Australian meat.

Why does the packaging say 50% of profits help save rescue dogs?

SavourLife give half of their profit to pet rescue groups helping them save abandoned dogs with a goal to help reduce the number of adoptable dogs euthanised in Australia to Zero!

Is it good to train your dogs with treats?

Yes, using treats to train dogs is generally considered a highly effective method. Here are some reasons why treat-based training is beneficial:

Positive Reinforcement: Treats serve as a form of positive reinforcement, encouraging dogs to repeat desired behaviours.
Motivation: Food is a strong motivator for most dogs, making them more willing to learn and perform tasks.
Bonding: Training with treats can strengthen the bond between the dog and the owner, fostering trust and communication.
Immediate Feedback: Treats provide immediate feedback, helping dogs understand what behaviour is being rewarded.
Flexibility: Treats can be used in various training situations, from basic commands to complex tricks