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Premium Dog & Cat Food

Supercoat adult dog and cat food ranges provide optimal nutrition for your pets to be their best every day. Containing tailored protein and fat levels for overall nutrition, their recipes are designed to help keep your pet healthy, happy, and active. Whether you’re looking for sensitive tummies, super shiny coats or strong bones & joints – Supercoat have a recipe that you and your furry friend will love. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Supercoat’s premium dog & cat food made?

Supercoat dog & cat food are proudly made in Australia, and are manufactured in Blayney, New South Wales. 

What ingredients are in Supercoat’s dog & cat food?

Supercoat is made with real meat as the primary ingredient, making it the ideal choice for your best friend. From first-time puppy owners to seasoned kitty caretakers, high-quality ingredients such as protein, carbohydrates, vegetables, minerals, and vitamins provide essential nutrition to keep your pet thriving.

What is Supercoat Smart Blend range of dog food?

Smart Blend is a specially formulated blend of nutrients for your dog's unique health needs. Using natural ingredients and quality protein, these formulas deliver the precise nutrition your dog requires.

How much Supercoat food should I feed my dog or cat?

Supercoat caters to dogs and cats in their different life stages. To customise your pet’s diet to their age, breed and requirements, please refer to the back of the packaging for a feeding guide.