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Is Your Pet's Smile Hiding Something?

You may not be aware, but dogs and cats can have a dental disease just like people.

Nearly 20% of the Australian human population has dental disease and we brush, floss and get our teeth cleaned regularly! In the Australian pet population nearly 80% of dogs and cats over the age of three will have some degree of dental disease.

The four grades of Dental Disease

Dental disease in dogs and cats is graded using a system that takes into account amount of plaque, tartar, inflammation and periodontal disease which is an irreversible destructive process involving the loss of the tooth’s supporting structures.

Grade 1

Plaque build-up, inflamed gums, no bone loss or periodontal disease. It’s time for a Expert Pet Dental Clean

Grade 2

Plaque and calculus extending down, pocket forming, mild gingival recession and bone loss. It’s time for a free dental check to get a tailored treatment plan.

Grade 3

Plaque and calculus extending down, deep pocket forming, more significant bone loss and possible ulceration of gingiva. It’s time for a free dental check to get a tailored treatment plan.

Grade 4

Extensive plaque and calculus, severe inflammation, deep pocket, significant loss of gingiva and bone loss leading to loose teeth. It’s time for a free dental check to get a tailored treatment plan.

What does an Expert Pet Dental Clean involve?

A day in the life of Tuscan...

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What can you do for your pet?

  1. Come in for a FREE dental check
  2. Your vet will form a treatment plan and provide pricing based on your pet’s dental assessment
  3. A dental procedure is performed under anaesthetic to treat dental disease and clean your pet’s teeth
  4. You are pre-booked for an Expert Pet Dental Clean in 6-12 months to maintain your pet’s dental health and prevent future disease

Get the treatment they need, when they need it

Does my pet really need to have an anaesthetic to clean their teeth?

Yes - unfortunately pets won’t lie with their mouths open for your Vet to clean all surfaces of the tooth and examine carefully for tooth decay. We use only human grade equipment that uses large quantities of water to flush plaque and tartar and cool the tooth during an ultrasonic clean. So, for the safety and comfort of your pet, an anaesthetic is required.

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