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July 2023

7 Tips for Taking Your Dog to the Snow in Australia


1. Location is Everything

Are Snow Mountains in Australia Pet-Friendly?

Most crucially because you’ve got one option! Dinner Plain is the only dog-friendly destination above the snow line in Australia, as the other resorts reside inside national parks and don’t allow pets (unless they’ve got permits, but this is for residents and service animals so it won’t fly if you’re just after a weekend away).

A Guide to Dinner Plain

Dinner Plain is roughly a four-hour drive from Melbourne or a seven-hour drive from Sydney – and is a pleasant road trip from both. It is only 13km from larger Mount Hotham – though that resort doesn’t allow dogs so pups will have to stay home if you want to venture there.

2. Find Pet-Friendly Accommodation

Travelling with your pets can become tricky when it comes to accommodation, but our top tips are here to help.

  • The resort has several options that are pet friendly. Find them here.
  • When using accommodation platforms like AirBnb, Stayz and, apply filters for ‘pet-friendly’ – this is much easier than browsing generally and viewing each individual property’s ‘house rules’.
  • Don’t lose heart if you can’t find accommodation in Dinner Plain itself – surrounding towns of Bright, Harrietville, Mount Beauty, and Omeo are an easy drive from Dinner Plain. Pet-friendly accommodation books up quickly so it’s sometimes necessary to stay in surrounding towns.

3. Outdoors, of course!

If you want to hit the town with your dog, you’ll be sitting outdoors – the following spots have outdoor areas where you can sit.

  • The Hub Café: there are spots to tie your dog outside, or there are places for you to sit with your dog if you dress warmly.
  • The Wyndham Ramada: it has an outdoor area with a firepit – settle in for an après drink at their restaurant Element.
  • Dinner Plain Hotel: have an outdoor firepit where you can sit with your dog.
    Because you’re not allowed indoors these activities are better suited to days with mild weather!

4. Rug Up!

Given you’ll be spending more time outdoors, you’ll of course need warmer clothing – and don’t forget to include your dog in this! Protect them from the elements with our range of winter apparel. If you’re intending on spending extended periods of time outdoors, opt for something more durable with an emphasis on waterproof fabrics and keep the jumper and polar fleece options for indoors only as apparel can get wet fast in snowy conditions.

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5. Pause to Check the Paws

Does My Dog Need Snow Boots?

While it may be tempting to throw in a pair of booties (so cute…) it’s ill advised. Your dog needs their claws to grip and gain traction in the snow.

That’s not to say you can forget about feetsies altogether though! Use paw balm to prevent your dog’s feet getting itchy and dry after contact with ice and snow. It’s also important to keep a towel on hand and make sure that clumps of snow aren’t stuck between their paw pads as these will melt once indoors and cause irritation.

6. Pack Properly

Packing Essentials for Snow Trip with Dogs

When packing for your snow trip with your dog, consider including the following essentials:

  • Warm Clothing: Just like humans, dogs can feel the cold. Pack warm clothing such as dog jackets and sweaters to protect them from chilly temperatures.
  • Food and Water: Bring plenty of your dog's regular food to avoid any dietary issues during the trip. It’s a good idea to pack extra food if you’re planning on being outside and active with your dog during the day as their calorie needs will raise. Additionally, pack collapsible bowls and bottled water to ensure your dog stays hydrated.
  • Bedding and Blankets: Providing your dog with a comfortable place to rest is essential. Pack their favourite bedding and blankets to keep them warm.
  • Towels: Things get wet in the snow quickly! Make sure you’ve got a towel in the car and pay special attention to their paws.
    Paw Balm: Helps protect their sensitive paw pads from harsh snow and ice. Find options here.
  • Leash: Dogs must always be on a lead in Dinner Plain, so don’t forget this essential. If you want to give you dog a bit more mobility, consider a long leash.
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7. Watch out for Anti-Freeze

This one might seem left of centre, but anti-freeze is commonly used in mountain resorts – particularly around driveways and doorways where there is a slipping hazard. It will give the snow a blue-tinged appearance, and unfortunately it smells sweet to dogs so they might try and eat it. Be on your guard for this as it’s toxic to dogs.

FAQs for Taking Your Dog to the Snow

Can all dog breeds cope in the snow?

While some dog breeds are more suited to colder climates than others, most dogs can handle cold weather with proper preparation and care. However, certain small or short-haired breeds will require extra protection from the cold and it’s highly recommended to provide them with winter apparel.

Are there any rules or regulations for taking dogs to the snow in Australia?

Yes, most ski resorts in Australia do not allow dogs to visit because of strict rules surrounding dogs in national parks. Dinner Plain is the only dog-friendly ski resort in Australia.

Can I let my dog off-leash in the snow?

You need to have your dog on lead in Dinner Plain. There is a makeshift offlead dog park where the tennis courts are in Dinner Plain, but check the restrictions around these to make sure you’ve got the most up-to-date information.

How can I keep my dog warm in the snow?

To keep your dog warm, provide them with appropriate clothing, such as waterproof jackets when outdoors and knitted jumpers for indoors. Additionally, ensure they are dry and keep a towel handy as an extra precaution.


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