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Bird Cages & Accessories

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Bird Cages & Accessories
PETstock is a supermarket for all things bird, including bird cages and accessories of almost every kind! Cages, nesting boxes, ladders, perches, sand sheets and cleaning solutions are all part of the PETstock bird cages and accessories range. Choose from different sized cages that allow your birds room to move, and pumice and wooden perches to help replicate the natural conditions of birds in the wild. There are 5, 7 or 9-step ladders to keep your beloved pet engaged. We offer a range of nesting boxes and baskets for breeding, suitable for a variety of birds from finches and budgies to parrots. Keep your feathered friend's home in top condition with a range of cleaning solutions. We stock top international and Australian bird care brands including Avi One, Aristopet, Vetafarm, Penn Plax and Nature’s Miracle.