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Cat Grooming Tools

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Cat Grooming Tools
Cat grooming tools are a must-have for any owner! Grooming your cat has many benefits beyond caring for their coat, skin and claws. It’s about spending time with your cat to strengthen the bond between you. Regular grooming also means that you will be aware if your cat has had an injury, or has scratched themselves and irritated their skin. It allows you to be familiar with their body, and pick up any changes or signs of potential health issues. Cat grooming tools range from combs, mitts and brushes for coat care, to clippers for their claws and deshedding tools. These can be especially useful for cats with thick undercoats that may be prone to hairballs. We stock a range of cat grooming tools from brands including FURminator, Catit and Lexi & Me. You're sure to find everything you need to keep your pampered feline in tip-top condition!