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Cat Scratching Posts & Boards

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Cat Scratching Posts & Boards

It's no coincidence that they call it a cat scratcher. Cats have an innate affinity for scratching, but have you ever wondered why? Cats aren't out to wreck furniture just for the fun of it. Scratching is a completely normal and vital behavior for cats. It helps keep their claws in good condition, allows them to stretch their back and shoulder muscles, and often serves as a means of marking their territory. Moreover, scratching offers a means for cats to alleviate stress and anxiety. Attempting to teach a cat not to scratch would be akin to trying to teach a fish not to swim. Fortunately, there are alternative approaches to safeguarding your home furnishings from a cat's claws. A cat tree, for instance, offers your feline friend a designated space for play and scratching, sparing your home from harm. In cases where space is limited, a cat tower or scratching post provides a convenient solution to help your cat tend to its claws.
We also have a wide range of cat trees and towers available online!