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Cat Trees, Towers & Scratchers

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Cat Trees, Towers & Scratchers

Give your kitty something to sharpen their claws on other than your furniture with our great range of cat scratchers and bedding! Our extensive collection of cat scratching posts, trees and towers will ensure your kitty is entertained and has plenty of opportunities to practice their climbing skills. We have everything from single scratchers to multi-level towers with tunnels and hidey holes. Once your pet has tired themselves out, what could be better than a nap in their very own bed? We have everything your cat needs for the perfect snooze including cat beds, igloos and cocoons. Browse our range from top brands including Buddy & Belle, Lexi & Me, Snooza and T & S.


Why do cats need a cat tree or scratcher? 

Cats have a natural instinct to scratch, climb, and perch in elevated positions. Cat trees and scratchers provide an outlet for these behaviours, helping to keep their claws healthy and providing mental and physical stimulation. 

What are the benefits of using a cat tree or scratcher? 

Cat trees and scratchers offer several benefits: they help maintain healthy claws, prevent furniture damage from scratching, provide exercise, reduce boredom, offer a place to observe surroundings and create a sense of territory. 

How do I choose the right cat tree for my cat? 

Consider your cat's size, age, activity level, and preferences. Look for sturdy construction, appropriate height, a mix of platforms, hiding spots, and scratching surfaces. The tree should match your cat's abilities and provide room to grow. 

How can I encourage my cat to use the scratching posts on the cat tree? 

Place the cat tree in a location where your cat frequently scratches. You can also use catnip or interactive toys to attract your cat to the scratching posts. If your cat starts scratching furniture, gently redirect it to the scratching post.

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