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Fish Tanks

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Fish Tanks

Fish Tanks

The right fish tank is essential to creating a safe and controlled environment where fish and aquatic pets can thrive.

Both tropical and freshwater fish need high quality fish tanks and accessories to stay healthy and happy. Whether you need a smaller, light fish tank for your lone aquatic friend, a 40L fish tank, or an entire aquarium kit, brands like Aqua One, Blue Planet, and Fluval have you covered.

Setting up a fish tank is easy and with minimal assembly required, your fish can be swimming in their brand new home in no time!

Frequently Asked Questions

How to setup a fish tank?

Setting up a fish tank is quick and easy! Position your fish tank in a designated area before filling with water. Be sure to rinse all gravel, ornaments, and decorations before placing it in the tank. Finally, fill your tank with tap water slowly to avoid any murkiness from the gravel. 

Are there different fish tank sizes?

Fish tanks can be small enough to fit one fish, or large enough to fit an aquarium of swimming pets. A general rule of thumb for selecting a fish tank size is to allow 4 litres of water per inch of fish.

How do I keep my fish tank clean?

Filters, gravel cleaners, detoxifiers and other fish tanks accessories are available to help you keep your fish tank clean and the water clear.

Can I decorate my fish tank?

Yes, you can! Start by choosing your desired gravel or sand, then select your decorations. Faux or live plants, fun ornaments, and cartoon-inspired décor like Spongebob characters from Fluval, can turn a simple fish tank into a fun and eye-catching home for your pets.  Filters, air pumps, test kits, starter kits, tank cleaner, and other fish accessories are also available to help set up your new tank!